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California Privacy Policy

This California Privacy Policy contains disclosures required by the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) and applies only to “personal information” that is subject to that law. If you are a California resident, CCPA may apply to our Services as they relate to business products featured on our site (for example, business credit cards and small business financing). This California Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with Atlas One Group, LLC (AtlasOne Fund) Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, which are incorporated herein by reference.

CCPA Scope and Exclusions

This CCPA policy, including the description of our Privacy Practices and your Privacy Rights, apply only to California residents whose interactions with us are limited to:

  1. Visiting our consumer websites,

  2. Signing up for email alerts,

  3. Commenting on or contributing to our blogs,

  4. Establishing an account that does not include financial products or services, or

  5. Applying for our job openings on our websites (however, note that the CCPA limits some of the privacy rights for job applicants).

This CCPA Notice does not apply to the personal information we collect, use or disclose about:

Consumers who initiate or complete the process of applying for financial products or services. This is because this information is subject to the federal Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (“GLBA”) and implementing regulations, or the California Financial Information Privacy Act (“FIPA”), or Representatives of businesses that seek to obtain our products or services, or to provide products or services to us. For additional information relating to your choices about this information specifically, see our Privacy Policy.

Privacy Practices

We do not sell personal information. As we explain in our Privacy Policy:

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to analyze website traffic and facilitate advertising. To the extent that the third-party information collection on the Website constitutes the sale of personal information, we provide you with instructions for how you can exercise your right to opt out of certain cookie-related collection and use practices.

On certain websites, users can make choices regarding the use of cookies and related technologies through a cookie banner management tool. On other websites and digital properties, users can:

  • Visit to opt out from sales of this type of personal information by third-party businesses that participate in the DAA's CCPA Opt-Out Tool, and

  • Visit Google Data & Privacy Settings, scroll down to the “Ad personalization” section, click “Go to ad settings” and toggle “Ad personalization” to OFF, and

  • Follow the instructions in the “How We Use and Disclose Your Information” section in the AtlasOne Fund Privacy Policy to opt out of interest-based advertising and other cookie-related information collection and processing.


Privacy Rights

The CCPA grants individuals the following rights:

Information. You can request information about how we have collected, used and shared your Personal Information during the past 12 months.

Access. You can request a copy of the personal information that we maintain about you.

Deletion. You can ask us to delete the personal information that we collected or maintained about you. Please note that the CCPA limits these rights by, for example, prohibiting us from providing certain sensitive information in response to an access request and limiting the circumstances in which we must comply with a deletion request. We will also respond to requests for information and access only to the extent we are able to associate with a reasonable effort the information we maintain with the identifying details you provide in your request. If we deny your request, we will communicate our decision to you. You are entitled to exercise the rights described above free from discrimination.

How to Submit a Request

To request access to or deletion of personal information:


Identity verification. The CCPA requires us to verify the identity of the individual submitting a request to access or delete personal information before providing a substantive response to the request. We will ask you to verify your identity when you submit a request.

Authorized agents. California residents can empower an “authorized agent” to submit requests on their behalf. We will require the authorized agent to have a written authorization confirming that authority.

Notice of Collection of Personal Information. We list the categories of your information that we collect and the business and commercial purposes for our use as described in the detailed chart above.

AtlasOne Fund Information. From time to time, you may provide us with your personal information for the purpose of requesting small business financing from one or more of our partners. You agree that the disclosure of your personal information in connection with your request is not a sale of your personal information under the CCPA.

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